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  • Fuyang bus
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Fuyang City Public Transport Co., Ltd. under the Fuyang City Transport Development Investment Group Corporation, General Manager Wang Ning. We are a promising and young enterprises, is the municipal government for the effective implementation of the "Hangzhou urban economic circle development plan", "Hangzhou Municipal People's Government on the Hangzhou urban economic circle of public transport issues related to the meeting minutes" and related meetings Spirit, to promote the comprehensive and coordinated development of the city, the implementation of public transport priority development strategy and the formation of state-owned large-scale public transport enterprises. But also the municipal government to the scientific concept of development as a guide, to create "quality public transport", the practice of "people-oriented, people first" concept, to solve the people most concerned about the most direct and most realistic interests of the specific embodiment is to create low- Construction of low - carbon city, to improve the urban living environment of the important initiatives. The company's main urban public transport passenger services, travel passenger, long-distance passenger line, passenger station and other projects.