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Hangzhou Binjiang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, with the Ministry of Construction level development qualification, the top 500 private enterprises, China's top 50 real estate enterprises, the Yangtze River Delta real estate leader. Companies adhering to the "create life, the construction of home," the professional concept of the formation of a "brand-based, strategic-oriented, quality as the center, capable and efficient means" the core competitiveness of enterprises. Binjiang real estate industry has become a set of real estate development and sales, commercial real estate home, the hotel industry three major industrial sector plate.

In the future development, Riverside Real Estate Group will continue to improve the recognition of the community, the industry's influence, the reputation of the owners. Riverside real estate is a thinking to win the enterprise, it is a business implementation of the supremacy of the enterprise, with the most solid efforts to lay a solid corporate background, to create a century of enterprise base for millions of households to create an ideal habitat for peace and become a consumer The hearts of trusted real estate brand.

Interactive ring system

project instruction:

Riverside Real Estate Group Project Overview System: The project is a special technical service for software development. The project is equipped with 3 projectors, 16:10 in size, 1280X800 before integration: 3200x800, 5.1 channel. Touch screen and ring screen combined with more atmospheric and intuitive display of the Riverside Real Estate Group's various projects and development goals and vision!