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  • Xiaoshan melon Lek people center
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Xiaoshan District Service Center Gua Lek Center was established in October 2011, from the original melon Le town service center converted from service center. In order to further meet the needs of grass-roots enterprises, the masses of the service, in early 2013 the implementation of the expansion of the perfect, and in August that year officially run. There are 17 district-level stationed departments, seven in the town, and 44 service windows. They can handle 563 approval and service matters for administrative examination and approval, convenience service and public resource transaction. Of which the administrative examination and approval matters 428, with the district service center is basically the same, convenience services 135 items. For the province's largest, the most complete sub-centers, in 2013 was named the first batch of Zhejiang Province, "hundred rural village" provincial demonstration service center.

Sub-center to meet the needs of the masses and students, "your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit." We are committed to always adhere to the "sunshine, efficient, harmonious," the purpose of serving the masses to provide "enthusiastic, sincere, patient" service, strictly abide by the "stand up, standing off, to have a welcome, ask a reply , Take the delivery of sound, hands to pay things "service standards, the implementation of" one-time notice "," first asked the responsibility system ", so responsive, insider, so that every service people happy, satisfied And return. We will always adhere to the "people are satisfied with the satisfaction" as an important criterion for evaluation work, the implementation of bright card posts, on-site service review, telephone return visit, set complaints hotline, mailbox, take the initiative to listen to the voice of the masses, consciously accept social supervision. We will always adhere to create a harmonious and efficient service team, strictly carry out the effectiveness of construction management, the implementation of the entire electronic monitoring, online leave, fingerprint attendance, to carry out the "red flag window", "service star" selection, and strive to build a love , Dedicated to the administrative service work team, establish a sub-center quality service brand image for our new urban construction contribute to a force.