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  • Touch advertising machines only interact to become a leader in the market.
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2018-10-30 14:37 Click:

  With the development of multimedia technology, more and more advertising machines appear in our lives. They are presented in front of everyone in the way of digital mobile, publicizing the relevant information of enterprises.

  Advertising machine is a multimedia professional audio-visual system which releases commercial, financial and entertainment information through LCD screen terminal. It is mainly used in shopping malls, elevators, hotels, public places, etc.

  Touch Interactive Advertising Machine is becoming more and more popular in the current advertising media. How can the advertising machine capture its own market in the fierce market competition?

  Advertising machine is different from other types of advertising products, it will not cause trouble to people's lives, and will generally appear in the area with our eyesight. When we shop in the mall, or wait for an elevator, we can't help but watch the content of the advertisement machine. If there is something on the screen that consumers are interested in, consumers will stop to watch and even interact with the advertisement machine to stimulate their purchase. Buy desire and achieve the ultimate deal.

  But there is also a fundamental problem with interactive touch advertising machine, that is, its own display screen, a good touch experience must carry a quality display screen, so as to achieve good interaction with users. What are the factors that must be possessed of high-quality display screens?


  First of all, stability must be achieved. The stability of the display screen can not be neglected because the advertisement machine is generally used all day long. Remember to use the fault switching mechanism in the process of use to avoid the appearance of blank screen.

  Second, pay attention to screen compatibility. Baoqianli Advertising Machine as a new type of "fifth media", which supports audio playback, pictures, FLASH, PPT, document browsing, real-time information, mobile subtitles, etc., so in the use of the process, we should pay attention to the compatibility of the screen, if not compatible, there will be the consequences of not being able to make the best use of things, causing losses to the media owners.

  Again, pay attention to the harmony with the surrounding environment. In the actual process of purchasing advertising machines, in order to ensure the best application effect of the display screen, users must consider the surrounding installation environment, such as location, flow, light, temperature, humidity and so on, according to different application environment, you can choose different products. For example, for direct or indirect sunlight exposure to the environment, you can choose high-brightness products to ensure that the display content is clearly visible; in places where the dust is more serious, humidity changes, you must choose dust-proof, moisture-proof products.