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  • Under what circumstances should the outdoor advertising machine choose touch function?
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2018-11-30 18:24 Click:

  Nowadays, many residential areas or colleges have begun to use outdoor advertising machines as reading boards, some with touch function, some without, then, under what circumstances should outdoor advertising machines choose touch function? In what circumstances do not need it?

  Electronic Reading Column of Outdoor Advertising Machine in Community


  Traditional reading-board in residential area needs to replace information materials by replacing poster information, etc. But nowadays, with the popularization and application of electronic reading-board in outdoor advertisement machine, we can replace traditional reading-board with new electronic reading-board. The new electronic reading-board of outdoor LCD advertisement machine has the function of computer and mobile phone. Yes, it can change news advertisements and district information anytime and anywhere, publish one key in the background, and so on. Moreover, the electronic reading board of outdoor advertisement machine with touch function is particularly important at this time, because residents of the community can display different information by touch function, such as turning pages.

  Bus Platform for Outdoor Advertising Machine

  If you are in a position like an outdoor advertising machine bus platform, you can choose to have no touch function, because the information of the bus platform is fixed, or it is only used for advertising, without consulting the relevant information and so on.

  If you want to buy an outdoor advertising machine with touch function, you must first make it clear that your target group needs the interaction of the machine. Any outdoor LCD advertising machine that purchases or sells points should have many "start" buttons to display various promotional videos.

  With the development of science and technology, outdoor advertising machine has been widely used in various fields. Outdoor advertising machine is bright, attractive, reusable, targeted, easy to update, and can provide many unique marketing and advertising opportunities. It can provide consumers with effective and eye-catching advertisements and public information with constructive comments and suggestions. Compared with the traditional print advertising broadcast mode, it has obvious advantages. For advertising machine manufacturers for the century, our goal is to minimize the cost of customers and maximize the benefits, which is what we need to do, so we will plan and provide reasonable advertising machine solutions for customers according to their needs for venues and uses.