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  • What environments does touch advertising apply to?
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2019-01-01 19:54 Click:

  At this stage, the use of LCD advertising machine is becoming more and more frequent, whether in residential areas, universities, stations, shopping malls and other places can see its shadow. But some of the LCD advertising machines used in these places have touch function, while others do not have touch function. So what kind of environment in which LCD advertising machine has touch function?

  Many users feel that touch advertisement machine is to add touch function on the basis of network advertisement machine. In fact, that's right. Because the principle of touch is to transfer the function of mouse to the screen itself and finger, and the touch is to get something at present. If it is a stand-alone version, it obviously can't satisfy this kind of problem very well. Only the network advertisement machine is matched. Independent operating system can greatly meet the needs of user groups.

  Whether LCD advertisers need touch function is usually determined by the use environment, such as the electronic reading board in the residential area: the traditional reading board updates the displayed information by replacing posters, while the current electronic reading board of LCD advertisers realizes the real-time updating of the displayed content through the network of advertisers, and it has an independent operating system. As well as the special touch control function, this greatly satisfies people's pursuit of real-time advertising, and residents can also query various kinds of news information they want to know through touch function.

  In addition to residential areas, touch advertising machines are also used in many places, such as bus stops, airports, hotels, schools and so on. This is mainly to meet the needs of some user groups, but most of the time its main role is still to display advertisements set by advertisers.