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  • Intelligent Advertising Machines Share New Opportunities for Economic Entrepreneurship
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2019-04-30 10:56 Click:

  Advertising propaganda is indispensable for shaping enterprise image, enhancing product popularity and promoting product marketing. For most small and medium-sized micro-brand advertisers, the traditional advertising sales costs are high and the transformation effect is not ideal, which often makes them stand back.


  Under the tide of Internet economy, the traditional high-cost and high-risk advertising mode is gradually declining. Advertisers also need a new mode of sharing advertising with high communication efficiency, low cost and high conversion rate more urgently.

  Intelligent advertising machine, also known as shared advertising machine, is composed of advertisers, publishers and a service platform, based on the mode of economic sharing. As a new media service platform linking both sides, it can quickly obtain information, analyze user portraits and other data through the Internet, quickly match precise scenes, and facilitate advertising.

  Intelligent advertisement machines display in a variety of ways, that is, they can rely on the entity of the advertising space, such as site billboard sharing, video advertising, but also based on the exchange of advertising space on the website to achieve win-win situation.