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  • Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Development of Advertising Machines
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2019-05-30 18:47 Click:

  We know that energy-saving and environmental protection, low-carbon life has been the theme of the ecological environment in the world. It is urgent to promote the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection of green life. With the progress of science and technology, digital intelligent life has become the trend of social development, and the emergence of energy-saving and environmental protection of advertising machines meets the requirements of the times.

  In recent years, haze, frequent weather, earthquakes, ice and snow melting in Antarctica are all examples of ecological environment deterioration. People know the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, but in real life, it is often ignored. Low-carbon environmental protection has always been the theme of the world, only low-carbon environmental protection products can develop more long-term prosperity. The same is true for advertising machines.

  Advertising machines are characterized by long working hours, low consumption and low pollution. It has spread all over the major cities in China, and has expanded from first-tier cities to second-tier and third-tier cities. Through the function of advertisement machine, we can edit many documents, such as text, image, video, and so on. We can arrange an environmental protection advertisement to play circularly. If new information is added, or we want to update information, we can update it in real time through the control terminal of advertisement machine.

  Unlike the traditional paper media, there are often extravagant and wasteful situations, which are often disposable consumables. The application of advertising machines can also promote water conservation and environmental protection to a certain extent. In different environments, choosing different customized advertising machines, we can make it play a role in embellishing the environment, and advertising machines are not only with advertising functions.

  Because of the long playing time, the power consumption of the LED display screen of advertisement machine is a key indicator that customers pay attention to. At this point, we need an LED display with less power consumption. Carrie Technology's full-color LED display adopts the latest design concept, taking into account all aspects of cost and other factors. The low-power design of LED display is carried out from three aspects of display control system, module and power supply. By combining the above three energy-saving means, a set of energy-saving schemes are provided for customers. Compared with conventional display screen, energy-saving full-color LED display not only reduces the power consumption in cable and other aspects. The investment can also save about 50% of energy, and the benefit is obvious.