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  • Advertising Machine: The Future is the Age of Screen
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2019-06-23 14:01 Click:

  The Significance of Advertising among Audience Users

  According to the latest Statistical Report on the Development of Internet Liaison in China published by China Network Information Center (CNNIC), the average Chinese Internet audience opens dozens of applications every day. More than half of Chinese people watch TV or computer while taking other things into consideration. High-frequency media switching makes the user's attention drop continuously. For advertisements, the degree of user's attention attraction in the audience is the most direct evaluation criterion of advertising effect.


  "Factors Affecting Advertising"

  Two influencing factors of advertisement are whether the audience receives the advertisement information successfully or not, and whether the content of the advertisement leaves an impression on the recipient of the advertisement. If we still use the traditional advertising media, print advertising, to attract the attention of the audience, then in the face of high-frequency media switching, the audience will not actively receive advertising content, advertising can not impress the audience, the data of advertising arrival rate that advertisements mainly demand will not exist, as a changing society at all times. Advertising audience's psychological behavior is also changing. Advertising content is difficult to reach the audience and advertising effect is difficult to achieve. As an advertising practitioner, we should think about how to change this situation.

  "Advertising Content Needs Platform"

  Advertising content needs media platform, and adapting to the development of technology is an indispensable business idea for every industry. Advertising machines have successfully transformed the advertising business from "seeking attention" to "being concerned" in the past to "being concerned" in the present. They have constantly become a wise and self-analytical advertising media! In this hurry era, the audience's vision is dispersed too much and still depends on the intersection. Send small advertisements? We are more demanding to take the initiative to "talk".

  "How to Spread Advertisements"

  In the design of advertisement machine, which is the media platform carrying advertisement communication, the LCD screen that people are willing to accept is the most important display device. At the same time, the latest network application technology is used to digitalize the advertisement information, store it in the PC or the memory card built in the content, and broadcast the content, time and sequence by remote control. Adjustment. It realizes the meta-success direction and management of information, and can publish industry information to the public at the first time. At the same time, in the corresponding advertising form, add more humanized design, such as placing some popular videos in prime time, which is mixed with advertising, this advertising method can be welcomed by the public, and the advertising role is better.