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  • Broad prospects for advertising machines
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2019-07-29 17:16 Click:

The application of the advertising machine information publishing system in the chain stores, specialty stores, store counters and outdoor applications, including the promotion on the LCD screen, promotional information display, LCD posters, on-site sales presentations (including sales on the touch screen), Service network applications, etc. have a wide range of application scenarios, businesses should use. The specific description is as follows:

First, the main entrance and exit of the advertising machine in the mall hall

The main entrances and exits of shopping malls are the most crowded places in shopping malls. Customers who come to shop generally have to go to the various shopping areas through the entrances and exits of the halls. This is the place where customers need guidance. Customers can easily get the shopping process, electronic map of shopping malls, and features. Shops can significantly improve the efficiency of shopping malls. Poster advertising machine: Make LCD posters related to promotional activities, and play them through the LCD screen to manage and update the contents of LCD posters in real time. Touch screen advertising machine: Place touch screen or interactive equipment in the chain store to realize the interaction with the customer in the form of visual display of the company's related sales, service network and product introduction. Customer Experience Center LCD Advertising Machine: Simulating the customer experience of the enterprise products in the actual application environment, the customer can easily select the different models of the enterprise products in different application environments. The customer experience can be applied in the home, home improvement, home appliances, kitchen and bathroom industries.

Second, the retail area

Featured shops use advertising machines to promote customers' understanding of the latest activities, new stores, etc., to facilitate customers' shopping and improve the economic efficiency of the shopping mall.

Third, the elevator area

The universal passages such as escalators and sightseeing elevators promote the image of the mall and product advertisements through the video terminal while the customer is waiting for the rest, so that the customers can understand the shopping mall, trust the shopping mall, and also shape the brand image of the shopping mall. It can also broadcast weather information, weather index, clock and other public interest information, improve the viewing effect, increase advertising revenue, and further enrich the broadcast content.

Fourth, the mall rest area

Through the advertising machine information release system, other activities such as promotional points accumulated in the mall for a long time can be sent to the display terminal through the system, so that customers can understand the precautions of their shopping, and communicate with the clerk to further deepen the customer. Consciousness of consumption.

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