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  • The difference between wall hanging advertising machine and traditional advertising TV
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2019-08-29 11:26 Click:

The wall hanging advertising machine is a brand-new media concept, referring to the public places where large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and others flow together. Multimedia services for publishing commercial, financial and entertainment information through large-screen terminal display devices. Audition system.

The difference between the two:

1. The online version of the LCD advertising machine has a strong client for software support. It can control the broadcast content over the long distance of the network, and can distinguish the broadcast area at will, and can display video, image, text, time, weather forecast and other content together, as long as the network connection is established. , without the need for personnel to operate now, you can go through the client to apply for software, complete the long-distance operation of the advertising machine without leaving the house, upload, download, delete and other operations on the storage device. Other processing software also has some humanized functions such as log and data processing, which greatly improves safety and reliability.

2, product positioning (stability)

When the TV is produced, it is based on the price of the goods, and the advertising machine is not only for the family expenses of the entertainment. The classification on the b2b business website is the advertising device class, which reflects the professionalism of the LCD advertising machine. Different. The components selected for the advertising machine are far superior to the TV in terms of performance and safety.

3, the service life

Because the TV positioning and the advertising machine are different, it is impossible for the TV to start the operation 24 hours a day. The advertising machine is selected to be an industrial-grade LCD screen. The main board and the electromechanical institute use high-security devices. In certain occasions, it is 18 hours or even 24 hours of continuous start-up work. In modern business society, it is time to calculate money, and the stability of goods directly determines the size of the income.

4, system composition

The advertising machine system is the latest Android system, with novel skills, various applications, simple operation, time switch, forced insertion, setting remark information and simultaneous broadcast, supporting video/image/text scrolling subtitle/split screen and The full-screen broadcast (video/image) text setting interface can select the font size or various colors in Beijing. According to the practice, it can distinguish many different categories of images and rollover subtitles, support text and image rollover, and support the broadcast template customization. Wait. In addition, the advertising machine supports a variety of pattern decoding, built-in storage devices, after the required files are sent to the storage device, can be automatically broadcast, and can also be set up through the network for the broadcast, these are unmatched by the TV.

5, the brightness is different

Since the liquid crystal advertising machine usually appears in the open area and the lighting is good, the brightness of the household television and the civil display device is difficult to satisfy the demand, and thus the highlight is also a major feature of the liquid crystal advertising machine, the network advertising machine, and the vertical advertising machine.

6. The difference between the frame data and the appearance

As everyone knows, TVs usually use the usual plastic casing, which is only suitable for the goods that are useful in daily life. The advertising machine and the casing all use non-burning materials. When the open flame is only deformed and does not support combustion, it greatly increases the safety in public places.