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  • Multimedia network advertising machine application in various industries
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2019-10-23 15:20 Click:

With the development of the network era, mobile network services are also maturing, and advertising machines have also evolved from stand-alone LCD advertising machines to network advertising machines. To some extent, the online version of LCD advertising machines is more convenient and faster to operate. It's easier, it's smoother on the playback page, the content is more colorful, and it's easier to maintain.

At present, the main development direction of online advertising machines is mainly in the financial industry, education area, medical industry, transportation industry, and hotel and retail industries.

The financial industry application network LCD advertising machine can provide the fastest and latest financial consultation, company introduction and other related consultations, and add network LCD advertising machine in the banking service, can realize the customer's queuing call, business inquiry and other series of services. Make the banking service process faster, while also saving customers' time and improving service efficiency. In other financial industries, remote control can also be realized, so that financials in different regions can be linked to each other and improve mutual economic interests.

In the education industry, the main function of the application network LCD advertising machine is to provide students with information about domestic and foreign news during the break time, increase the external knowledge of the students, and play safety education information at any time on the playing page of the network LCD advertising machine. Hot education news, targeted to remind students of safe behavior. You can also use the network LCD advertising machine to play the school news, you can reduce the publication volume of the school newspaper, and play relevant school information in the network LCD advertising machine, which may be more attractive to the students.

In the transportation industry, China is constantly developing various transportation routes. For various transportation centers, such as railways and airports, where the traffic volume is relatively large, network LCD advertising machines can broadcast passengers' shift information. Remind passengers of relevant events, avoid delays in travel, in the play interface, you can put in local travel advice, provide travel information and weather conditions for foreign visitors, and also comfort passengers who need to wait.

In the medical, hotel, and retail industries, the network LCD advertising machine will also have relevant information sources and service interface services to provide maximum feasible operation. However, this kind of online version has not yet been popularized in China, and it will take some time to get long-term development.