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  • Too many types of advertising machines? How to choose?
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2019-11-21 15:46 Click:

With the advancement of society, the development of smart cities, the continuous updating of advertising machine technology, the diversity of advertising machine styles is also increasing, meeting the needs of different places in the market.

According to different classification standards, advertising machines can be divided into stand-alone and online versions, indoor advertising machines and outdoor advertising machines, as well as vertical advertising machines and wall-mounted advertising machines.

Which is better for stand-alone advertising and online advertising?

Stand-alone advertising machine

Advantages: easy to operate, cheap, easy to use, low fault and maintenance workload, support for loop playback of picture video, support for split screen display, support for timed on/off playback, support for expansion of HDMI interface external computer.

Disadvantages: single function, no support for interaction, no operating system, no storage space, no touch or other extension functions, such as credit card printing. Generally only applied to simple ad playback.

Online advertising machine

Advantages: versatile, supporting a variety of applications.

Disadvantages: from the price point of view windows program> android program> stand-alone version.

Which is better for vertical advertising and wall advertising?

This problem is often entangled in many new customers, so the specific situation is analyzed. Below, let's briefly introduce how users choose vertical advertising and wall advertising:

Vertical advertising machine

The position of the vertical advertising machine is mobile (convenient to move), and the position can be adjusted according to the actual situation to capture the eyeball according to the passenger flow.

At present, vertical advertising machines are mainly used in banking, finance, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and other industries.

Wall advertising machine

Wall-mounted advertising machines are generally hung on the wall or other objects, so that the advertising machine and the surrounding environment can be integrated into a unique landscape of space decoration, which can better achieve the purpose of propaganda.

At present, wall-mounted advertising machines are mainly used in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, commercial supermarkets, high-end office buildings and other places.

In the final analysis, whether it is a vertical advertising machine or a wall-mounted advertising machine, its main functions are similar, which can make the traditional promotional information, new product information and other content vividly displayed, and is of great help to enhance corporate image. In terms of price, the vertical advertising machine is slightly more expensive than the wall advertising machine. The two types of advertising machines are easier to install than the teaching, and both can choose the stand-alone version and the online version of the advertising machine. Therefore, users are advised to choose according to their application scenarios and actual needs.