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  • Introduction to the composition of the large screen splicing system
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2020-01-15 16:25 Click:

With the rapid development of computer technology and information technology, human beings have entered the information age. Computer-based multimedia technologies that combine video, audio, and communication fields have developed vigorously. Universal welcome and attention. LCD splicing display wall is the most practical, reliable, and economical large-screen terminal display device today. Its appearance has solved the defects of consumables, burns and maintenance difficulties of various traditional display walls, for convenience Comprehensive, real-time display of video information of each system, especially long-term semi-fixed screen display engineering applications such as remote real-time command, dispatch, monitoring, teaching, etc. provide the best large screen display system.

The composition of the large-screen splicing system mainly includes a display unit, a splicing processor, an interface device, and software. Among them, the most core, most concerned and widely mentioned DLP, LCD, and PDP display screens are only a main part of the entire large-screen system.

The main components of the large screen splicing system are as follows:

■ Display unit: Common DLP, LCD, PDP and other display devices. The display device forms a large screen splicing wall through different splicing methods, such as 2X2, 3X2, etc. The display unit also includes a cabinet and other supporting components.

■ Mosaic processor: The processor is the core part of the mosaic wall. The processor realizes the functions of splicing, switching, controlling, assigning, and compositing of multiple video inputs, and forms operations such as window opening, combining, and zooming.

■ Interface equipment: It mainly includes audio and video interface, network interface, control interface, etc.

■ Software: Realize the setting of splicing screen parameters, window operation, display content switching, etc.

55 inch LCD splicing unit