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  • Characteristics of LCD splicing unit
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2020-08-20 11:21 Click:

Characteristics of LCD splicing unit

The overall goal of the construction of large screen display system is that the system takes full account of the principles of advanced nature, reliability, economy, extensibility and maintainability, and builds a set of liquid crystal large screen mosaic system which adopts advanced and mature technology, follows the layout design well, the equipment is applied reasonably, the interface is friendly and convenient, the power is orderly and practical, and the expansion and expansion are good. Image and data display requirements.


The large screen display system not only includes the large screen display part used for video image display, but also includes decoding control products. This chapter focuses on the LCD splicing unit. It can provide reference for product selection when purchasing video surveillance system.

The LCD splicing unit has the excellent characteristics of ultra-high brightness, ultra-high contrast, super durability and ultra narrow edge. The LCD unit adopts the green environmental protection design concept, and the radiation of large area display is low, so as to achieve long-term viewing and almost no harm to people's eyes. It is suitable for indoor use, such as command center, dispatching room, conference room and closed scene So.

Product features

  1. It has an intelligent temperature control system. When the temperature exceeds the preset temperature range, the system fan can be automatically turned on for intelligent speed regulation

  2. With remote multi screen management function, the device has a dedicated multi screen management system

  3. Built in new color enhancement technology digital natural image engine

  4. Adopt green environmental protection design concept, large area display time radiation is low

  5. Built in video splicing matrix processor

  6. Use the latest LED backlight

  7. Ultra high brightness 700cd / m2, ultra high contrast 4000:1, super durability

  8. With narrow edge technology, the physical seam between panels is as low as 1.7mm

  9. Ultra wide perspective

  10. It has digital noise reduction function

  11. With the input image signal dark field enhancement, sharpening function

  12. With anti burn and shadow protection function