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  • Problems to be noticed when installing LCD advertising machine
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2020-11-16 10:38 Click:

 Problems to be noticed when installing LCD advertising machine:


1. Strong electromagnetic fields should be avoided

The wall mounted LCD advertising machine should try to avoid the influence of strong electricity and electromagnetic field, such as electromagnetic appliances, mobile phones and other electrical appliances that can be moved at will and the principle should be as far as possible. Other large-scale additional products should not be placed near the advertising machine as far as possible;

2. The installed environment cannot time out

Because many LCD panels do not have waterproof function, so wall mounted advertising machines have been recommended to be placed in a humid environment for a long time. If the environment is more humid, no matter how good the LCD advertising machine will fail due to years of close to humid climate, and the further is direct damage;

3. Walls should be firm

The installation of the wall mounted LCD advertising machine has very strict requirements for the firmness of the wall. Before purchasing the wall mounted LCD advertising machine, the user should check whether the installed wall is firm and whether it can achieve the load-bearing capacity of the wall mounted advertising machine. The wall mounted advertising machine is best installed on the wall with high strength such as solid brick and concrete. In order to maintain the beautiful appearance, it can be installed on the wooden wall, and reinforcement and support measures can be taken. What's more, when buying the wall mounted advertising machine, users should understand that the bearing capacity of the installation surface should not be less than four times of the actual weight of the advertising machine, and the advertising machine should not be toppled when it is tilted back and forth by 10 degrees after installation;

4. Quality of support

When the wall mounted LCD advertising machine is put into operation, it needs a wall hanging bracket with stable quality. First, we need to make clear the classification of the bracket. At present, there are two kinds of supports on the market: adjustable support and fixed support; secondly, the selection directly needs to follow the principle of easy disassembly and convenient maintenance. After using for a period of time, the wall mounted advertising machine will involve maintenance As well as possible maintenance, it is necessary to ensure that the advertising machine can be easily disassembled without damaging the wall and mounting bracket; when purchasing the wall mounted advertising machine bracket, it is necessary to carefully check whether the bracket includes the wall connection part, the fastening part, the product connection part and the installation diagram and instructions, and must comply with the international VESA group Fdmi standard can only be used;

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