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  • What are the expandable functions of touch all in one machine
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chuangzhong technology Co.,Ltd.Date:2020-12-09 17:43 Click:

With the development speed of advertising machine; today's touch all-in-one machine has been integrated into the multimedia business market, but as we all know, touch all-in-one machine can expand other functions besides existing functions! Let's take a look at what the touch all-in-one can expand.


Compared with the previous advertising devices, with the help of the extensible touch all-in-one machine function, users can operate the host computer only by touching the screen with their fingers, which makes the human-computer interaction more convenient and free. Touch all-in-one does not need to add projectors or even computer equipment; interactive demonstration is more simple and so on. Compared with touch smart TV with built-in system, users only need to share removable storage devices or marketing resources in the enterprise.

The existing functions of touch all-in-one machine are: fast response speed: About 3MS; support WiFi and 4G (Network) optional; support Chinese and English menu interface; support; Other national languages (optional), memory card protection function, with security protection lock, can prevent random replacement of memory card, support a variety of systems, including Android and window system, touch screen accuracy is high, positioning accuracy is 2mm, minimum sensing object It is 5mm in size and supports single point / multi-point gesture recognition / ten point touch, providing rich external expansion. The terminal can provide a variety of peripheral interfaces to facilitate expansion of storage, communication, interaction, authentication and other applications; including USB display output, voice output, network interface, SD card, timer, camera, GPIO, 4-wire resistance touch screen, etc; Touch all-in-one machine technology is specially designed for humanization. It adopts centralized control and unified management, and the backstage operation is simple and clear. In addition to the existing functions, the extended functions of touch all-in-one machine also include touch interactive query, network operation, printing function, NFC near-field payment function, credit card payment function, face recognition function, etc.; with the continuous development of technology. The function of integrated touch will be more and more perfect. 

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